Better than Democracy!

by turil

Prime Directive Earth: bottom-up, emergent, networked government

A Government Modeled After Healthy, Natural Systems

The goal: a decentralized, bottom up, networked government that uses only voluntarily shared resources to serve the basic needs of all individuals, so that individuals can be their best, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and philosophically. This government design is based on the successful function of a healthy human body, and is currently operating in parallel with the old top-down system, as we transition to the new system.

As we eliminate all current authoritarian (top down) laws, we can focus on starting over with only the following laws, which apply only to anyone acting on behalf of the government:

1. Input – Government can collect resources only through donations.

2. Output – Government can only use collected resources to serve three things, individual physical input needs, physical output needs, and social interaction needs, for humans and any other individuals who appear to want help.

The needs for humans are: inputs of high quality food, water, air, warmth, light, and outlets for freedom of expression for all the body’s excess solids, liquids, gases, and energy, along with the option of win-win mediation and problem solving for any conflicts that arise for any individuals, human and otherwise.

3. Balance – Government solves it’s own problems of how to serve these needs by collecting data about the individual needs from all who are interested in “voting” using open “polls” that work similarly to social networking profile pages where individuals’ needs are recorded, at the level of detail that the individuals choose, in a publicly readable database. Government also collects solutions about how to provide these needs in a separate publicly editable “how to” type database. Finally government then offers publicly available resources to individuals and groups based on the solutions that the communities and individuals choose to use.


a four level network

The Internet as Public Brain

The Goal: use our current technology and communication systems as the nervous system for the core of the Prime Directive Earth, sharing the resource requests and offers of each individual with everyone else, and covering all possible levels of relationships so that needs can be most efficiently met using all available shared resources.

Each individual human (and any other beings who want to join in!) has a right to participate in any and all of the public versions of these services, as they wish, unconditionally. (Private versions are obviously still allowed as well, but the official government versions are never outsourced to a for-profit company.):

1. First person – Physical – Personal Profile Pages – each person has their own page attached to their name and contact info where they share their needs and offers. One’s personal profile page shares what one most wants the world to know about one, and is publicly accessible. Requests and offers are ranked by the individual, in order of priority of need to get, or get rid of.

2. Second person – Emotional – direct communication between two individuals, such as email, texting, phone, video chat, comments on personal pages, etc., where people can respond to the questions of what they have to offer the first person and what they’d like to create with them. (Not necessarily “private” conversations, just conversations that are interactive and one-to-one.)

3. Third person – Intellectual – shared-interest community discussion groups, such as, well, pretty much all topic-based (space and/or time) discussion areas on social websites, email discussion lists, group chats, etc, answering the questions of what others are doing/offering/creating for me, you, and us. These are public spaces where anyone who’s interested in the subject can participate in the discussion, ideally as an equal (NO ranking of comments! Just comments ordered by time posted and subject matter).

4. Fourth person – Philosophical – solutions databases (additive/uncensored) of the highest ideals and ideas emerging out of discussion groups (both online and off), answering the question of what on Earth we’re all doing/creating, serving as a library for helping individuals and groups find and share better ways to get their needs met given the resources available. Searchable/browsable by the category of need (divided using a categorizing system described by Pascal’s triangle, with the 5 input needs, and 4 output needs as the top categories) as well as by the resources used for the solution. Entries are structured in the form of “how to use X to get Y” where X is a list of resources used to get a need, and Y is the need.



Maslow 2.0: Hierarchy of Human Needs

Serving Human Needs for a Better World

For humans, and all other species, to be their best, most capable of contributing high quality, effective, creative, and sustainable resources to the universe, they have to be healthy, and at a very minimum, have their basic physical needs consistently met. It serves everyone’s best interests to serve everyone’s best interests! All humans, and others who ask for help, unconditionally have a right to getting high quality nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, comfortable warmth, inspiring light (including informations), and the freedom to express all of their body’s excess solids, liquids, gases, and energy. All harmful behavior is caused by a deficiency and or a toxicity involving these needs. So the solution to all human created problems is to eliminate the deficiencies and toxicities!

Once we have a government which supports our need to breathe, in and out, freely, and beautifully, both literally and metaphorically, we’ll all find more awesomeness in the world, and beyond.

Good Stuff In = Good Stuff Out.